Old Artsy-ish Movie? Late 90’s early 00’s

Around 14 years ago, my mom rented a movie that I only remember bits and pieces of. These snippets may be of different movies, so I’ll give them in a bulleted list based on how I remember them.

  • The maim character is Caucasian, female, and deaf (I think she had light hair, not 100% positive)
  • There is a scene where the main character is watching two boys play basketball in an urban setting. When the basketball hits the ground, color radiates from around the basketball.
  • The main character goes to what I think I remember to be a wedding. While there, she thinks people are having sex.
  • She sees a bridesmaid in a green (?) dress go into a room with a guy and have implied sex against some frosted glass. The two then emerge from the room seemingly unfazed and laughing as though they hadn’t just done what the main character saw.
  • Another scene: dance floor. A girl and a guy are dancing together. They make eye contact. The camera pans to the floor where there are two red CGI figures I assume to represent the dancing couple. One appears female, the other male. They then flirt, mirroring the couple dancing and then race each other up the dancing girl’s legs and under her skirt. She jumps and begins making out with the guy she has been dancing with.

It’s bothered me for forever that I can’t find this movie on Google or anything. I just want to know I’m not crazy and this actually was a movie. Can anyone help? Thank you!!!!

3 thoughts on “Old Artsy-ish Movie? Late 90’s early 00’s

    1. No. That movie looks way too old in coloration and quality. The movie I’m looking for is pretty high-quality and the main character isn’t coming of age. She’s already moved out and around 20-something. Not a kid. Thank you so much, though!

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