holocaust film

I’ve being trying to find this film for ages, I saw it a few years ago

it is a film set in ww2 the scene I remember clearly is jews were hiding in walls when the Natzies come and then someone accidentally steps on a piano as they were coming out of the piano which the Natzies hear and then they begin shooting through the walls and everywhere?


anyone know what the film is?


also another scene which I think was part of the film (or else another film related to ww2) two people are jumping from one blown up building to the next and the one of the men are killed. it came after the talked earlier in the film about who should go first in case someone was shooting at them, which is the safer place, the first or the second person when jumping?

thanks in advance! 🙂


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  1. The second film is Enemy at the Gates (2001) and is unrelated to the first as far as I know. Here is the scene you describe:

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