Please Help me find this Great Movie

Hello people! I can’t die till see this movie again.


I remember around 00′ (between 1998 to 2003) I saw only part of a movie because I was too young and I had school the next day, so I was sent to bed and I couldn’t completed.

The part I mostly remember is when a adventurous in a mythological age travels the ocean fighting weird monsters seeking for something and he arrived to a place where he finds a big castle and meets a lady with snakes in her hair and she turns people into stones with her eyes, also it worths to note that this movie I believe it has second part because as far as I remember I ended saying “to be continued” but Im not totally sure about it.

I don’t think is Clash of titans even though I haven’t see it yet, but I remember way better quality thank 80’s movies so this one definetely should be made in the 90’s or early ’00. Please help!!! Any questions or suggestions are very welcome, Im very anxious to find it and watch it from beginning to the end.

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  1. Roxanne Thank you for your comment but It’s not this one, because as far as I remember the monster didn’t have to shoot any visible beam to turn people into stones. As soon as the monster and her victims exchanges stare at each other they turn into monster.

    Also, the quality was better than this and *I do remember* the main character at some point traveling the ocean to get to some island or place where he finds the monster and struggles fighting it and that’s how it ended saying “to be continued” or something similiar.

    Any other suggestions or opinions I will still be glad to take a look at all of them as it bothers my mind as childhood flashbacks.


  2. Voyage of the unicorn? If not can i ask, was the medusa monsterous in appearance or like a normal looking female? Also, what was the age of the adventurers? i.e. do you remember if they were pirate like, children, or other?


    1. Hey my friend, thanks for helping! I feel melancholic every time I remember about that movie lol.

      Medusa was looking like a normal good looking female as far as I remember and the main character was in his 40s or good 50s because he looked very mature but flexible and strong. I do remember the main guy traveling the ocean struggling and dealing with monsters and enemies all the time to get to some point and accomplish something I don’t remember.

      The movie was pirate like and not a children movie I would say RT13+ or something like that. I DO REMEMBER THE MOVIE HAS SECOND PART because it finished the guy struggling with Medusa or losing the battle.

  3. hmm its s tricky one. I can’t find it (which isn’t saying much i have failed finding quite afew of the films on this site). Perseus is the greek dude who killed medusa (clash of the titans etc) but some western takes on greek mythology have sinbad cavorting around doing perseus’s job. When i have time over the next week i’ll have another look. Adventures of sinbad is the closing circa to what you are asking. If it was a pirate it could have been a split for some advertisements, or if you live in the uk, the news, annoyingly that used to happen hear in the uk for some films O_0. I think others on this site can help ya, hopefully they’ll take a gander at this thread.

    1. Hey Funkbob thanks for helping! I’ll be carefully looking at all the suggestions you provided as it’s something I would like to accomplish, it’s very hard to give more details as I’m talking about 13 to 16 years flashbacks I remember about it sitting in a sofa and the movie ending the main guy finding himself facing a monster or medusa kind women and the temple where were they were was getting destroyed or something like that. Then the movie ended saying there was second part which I never saw it because it was a random family movie night picked from TV channels at that time.

  4. livinghead! glad you looked at this, you’ve been nailing em, loads i’ve noticed you’ve gotten right recently, pity people looking for films don’t come back after they’ve posted.

  5. They don’t come back most of the time,but I try to throw out a lot of guesses, some of which are really bad, but what can it hurt?

    1. Send them, I don’t mind. I’ll be looking at all of them and who knows if I like those and watch them too lol so this is a win win situation. Thank you so much guys for your time helping out!

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