Movie: Unlucky man travels with bus to find the perfect color


I have now spent days, browsing and searching for an old movie (from the 90s?). Please help! I must find this movie, so I can get some peace of mind and some sleep…

Many years ago I saw a part of a comedy about an unlucky man who travels by bus to find himself. I do not know the name of the movie title or actors in it.

Movie description:
During this bus trip many unlucky events happens, and they (travelling bus) end up by an old house. Once the unlucky man makes love to a woman in the house, the unlucky curse is broken.

A specific scene description:
The bus stops somewhere and the unlucky man and a woman seats in a cafe/diners eating soup. The woman asks the man what he used to work with, the man then explains that he works with colors/painting. He then proceeds to create a specific color based on available soup/ketchup and other items. The woman is amazed.

A second specific scene description:
During the love making in the old house, every singel thing in the house tries to kill the unlucky man. However, the woman/love making ensures that all items misses them. The ceiling lamp misses, a rusty nail misses etc…

A third specific scene description:
During the storm a magical wonderful color is created, and this is the color he has been searching for. He paints a wall on the house with that painting, and sends a sample back to his employeer.

The ending of the movie:
The movie ends with him finding the perfect color and peace of mind.

Have anyone seen this movie and know the name of it?
The actor who plays the unlucky man, reminds me of the actor “Joseph Fiennes”.

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4 thoughts on “Movie: Unlucky man travels with bus to find the perfect color

  1. After zapping through above youtube link (watched it in full years ago),
    I think this question can be marked as solved, even in absence of OP:

    0:35:50 – Color creation demonstration in diner
    1:09:04 – Love making scene with lots of near-miss dangers (rusty hook, snake, …)
    1:10:05 – Magical storm creates long sought after color
    1:13:05 – Wall painting

    Hooray, I am useful, I’m having a wonderful time! %-)

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