Movie Trailer?

So, this isn’t about a movie I’ve seen, but rather a movie trailer that I saw a few years ago on YouTube and I’m hoping someone may have seen either the same trailer as me or the movie itself. I believe the title is a girl’s name and the trailer consists of some town gathering or fair of some kind. There’s this odd little girl with long brown hair sitting by herself and she has some sort of stuffed animal, either a bunny or a teddy bear. A group of boys a few years older than her come over and start harassing her and they steal her toy and she ends up freaking out and starts chanting something about the elements I think? She also starts floating in the air and her chanting gets louder and she starts glowing and there’s some kind of explosion and everyone either dies or disappears, I can’t remember. It’s possible this movie never came out, but even so if someone else has just seen the trailer and can tell me the name of the movie, that would be great because it’s been driving me crazy.

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