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i really don’t have much info on this movie because i am asking for a friend who is trying to remember it.  all he remembers is that he saw it in the theater as a child… he’s 61 now so it has to be around 50 years old (1960s i guess), it is a horror film, and there was a scene near the end of the film where the lights go out in the theater, and when they came back on, there would be live actors who replaced the actors on the screen and they would come down the aisles of the theater… i THINK he said it was black and white, sorry i don’t have more info and thanks for your help!

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  1. “The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed Up Zombies”(1964)?

    I remember an interview with director Ray Dennis Steckler where he said they promoted this movie with people running down the aisles of the theater with cardboard knives? I found a poster with an alternate title of Teenage Psycho meets Bloody Mary, and it says live monsters invade the audience. Click on the link below.

    1. Some of that went on in The Tingler from 1959. But the actors don’t run down the aisles. The film stops as a silhouette of the Tingler goes across the screen and Vnicent Price warns it is loose in the movie theater and planted actors scream and faint.

  2. Here is the trailer. It says filmed in ‘horrorvision’ where the monsters invade the audience and grab screaming girls and carry them back into the movie.

    1. this sounds very promising, i will be seeing my friend tonight so i will ask him if this is it, but it sounds exactly like what he described. thanks!

    1. i showed this to my friend tonight and he is 95% sure that is the movie so i will consider this solved. one extra bit of information that he gave which i forgot to mention was that the audience was given little disks that were supposed to be amulets or something to protect you from the actors… an interesting detail

      1. Thank you nick, that is interesting because in the movie ‘The Incredibly Strange Creatures. . . ‘, Madam Estrella uses a spinning wheel to hypnotize Jerry, the main character, into becoming a zombie slave!

    1. The old spookshows were popular in the ’60s, they used to show ’em before the main attraction, but not too many with characters coming out of the screen. I really think it’s Monsters Crash the Pajama Party, hoping it is anyway.

  3. OK, we will consider this “Solved” as “Monsters Crash the Pajama Party (1965).” Livinghead points out that there was a brief fad for the gimmick of mixing live actors with movies in the early 60s, so it could be a number of different titles your friend remembers.

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