Movie about prisoners and their guards with amnesia

Here’s an easy one, I hope.  I saw a trailer for an excellent movie, possibly on a “Saw” film which I rented/borrowed – I don’t have it any more.  A group of 12?…men wake up and can’t remember who they are, where they are and what happened to them.  As the film goes on, it turns out that half are prisoners and the other half are their guards but they don’t know who is who.  It’s a main stream film but nothing I google brings up any results.   It was not made recently, 2006?

Please can someone help?

6 thoughts on “Movie about prisoners and their guards with amnesia

  1. Brilliant! It is “Unknown”, although I was convinced there were more people. I must have been confusing bad/good people with prisoners/guards. Thank you very much, I’m off to track it down.

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