adult movie name request

I am searching for a 90s movie from long long time in that movie a lady she is working in some sort of adult movie edditing department one night one thief he enters into her room and while he was inside she reaches too thief he hide some were when he saw a sexy lady he come back of her and with knife scares her and try to seduce her she gave him a drink with seductive in it after drinking he got unconsious when he wake up he found himself naked tied to a her bed and in full movie she when ever get horny use to come to him and get f____d one time one of her friend also saw all this and when she get chance she also get f____d at the end she let him free to go but he come back to her … movie name ? Plz any budy appreciated …

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  1. Some people have complained about the profanity in this post so I edited it.

    I don’t want to create an absolute rule preventing people from using us for “adult” movie searches, but this is probably not the best forum to use for that kind of search. If anyone knows of a resource, like an adult movie forum, people could use for these kind of questions I’d happily redirect such searchers there.

    Sorry james, I’ll leave your post up for now but I don’t think anyone here will be likely to help you.

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