60-70s Movie: Wealthy man serves revenge to his wife’s lover by booby trapping his guest house to torment the man.

The man is trapped in the house and is constantly encountering various traps as he tries to escape. The wealthy man is not the hero, the lover is. After he escapes the lover gets revenge by doing the same thing to the wealthy man.

All my searches end up with “The Collector” from 1965 about a woman being abducted or the 2009 one about a serial killer using booby traps on victims.

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  1. Solved!!!
    It was “Sleuth”. I forgot to mention it felt like an Agatha Christie movie from that period, with British actors and similar sets. All I had to do was watch the first few minutes and once I saw the “sailor puppet” I knew it was the one.

    Thanks for solving something I have been trying to find for 20 years.

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