A movie about an east asian serial killer

Last year I watched an Asian horror/thriller movie that I really liked, but I can’t remember what it’s called. I only remember snippets and like I said it was at least a year since I watched it so bear with me as some details might be wrong!

It was an East Asian movie (I think either Korean or Chinese) which was about a female serial killer who murdered people with plastic wrapper. It was in colour and I would guess around 2008-2010.

Main characters were a rich couple who lived in an apartment building with a playground outside. This is important to note since it plays into the end. They are a man and a woman roughly in their late 30’s/early 40’s. They have a child who is old enough that they can walk but probably no older than 5. The child often plays in this playground outside and disappears once.

For some reason, they go to a poorer part of their city because of the husband and he walks around searching for a specific house number (I think a house number with 3 numbers for example 346 or something like that). Later in the movie, he finds the door number he searches for.

In one of the apartments of the poorer area, a woman lives and she has a dead person wrapped up in plastic wrapper hanging in her closet. I think she had a secret room in her apartment so she could spy at someone but that might not be fully correct. Also, the husband of the pair might have been killed in this apartment but that might also not be correct.

The whole movie ends with the wife almost dying. This is because she almost gets murdered in her elevator on the way to her fancy apartment. She manages to get into her apartment and lock the door, but she still almost gets murdered by the woman.

This is all I remember and no matter how much I search, I can’t find what the name is. If anybody has any clues, it would mean the world since this has been bugging me for a long while!

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    1. Yes, that’s the one! Thank you so much for helping me solve this, it’s been bugging me for over a year now.

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