SciFi movie with black robots

It must have been somewhen between 1985 and 1990 when i saw (part) of an older (maybe late 50s to early 70s) color scifi movie on TV. I can’t be sure about the language as it was on a german tv station which usually broadcast all movies dubbed in german…

i don’t remember much, except that there were multiple black robots in it (the tin can type you often see in movies from the 50s and 60s)… they were kinda like guards walking through corridors etc.

I also remember a scene where a man is locked up in room where the temperature (i believe) is raised more and more… at least there was some analog dial mounted in that room where an indicator went up and up…. After a while the poor sap finally collapses. Then two guys enter the room, dress him in some shiny space suit or something and stick a helmet on him… by pushing a button (or turning a dial or something) the visor of the helmet of the passed out guy fills with some blue or black liquid….

If i don’t mix up my movies here, there is another scene i remember:

The big bad dude of the movie tortures people with a high pitched noise that goes higher and higher while he watches and smiles (in an evil way of course). To protect himself from the sound he wears some transparent helmet….
i think he does that more than ones… the last time another guy (the hero?) manages to knock him over so he loses the helmet and gets a taste of his own medicine…

I’m trying to find this movie since years with no luck 🙂


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  1. The villain was played by Jack Palance. Here is the scene where he kills a character in the room with high sound from YouTube. It’s scored with a hard rock song, sorry, it was the only clip of that scene that I could find.

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