like a twilight zone movie but not

hi . the film i am trying to recall was on telly about 22 years ago late at night possible shown on saturday and introduced by a puppet ( maybe ) with a cartoon and a short bizarre film as well . i cant remember if it was a silent film as in no talking but it seemed like the same bloke was in 3 stories at the same time moving from one to another then back just by turning a street corner or something like going through a door . i can remember being highly confused at the time and the only thing i can definitly remember is the very end that he falls or jumps out a moving yellow taxi – picks himself up , brushes himself down and goes into his work place as though nothing had happened – any help much apprieciated – sorry if this is a double post i dont know what i’m doing

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    1. watched the film After hours and i stand corrected – you are right and i was wrong . I had made it a lot better in my imagination over the years but it must be the same film . thank you – i dont know if theres a bit on here where you get points for solving and i dont know how to but if you let me know i will do what i need to

  1. thanks – i will give it a go but i am a bit doubtful as that sounds a little like a comedy and this film was anything but a comedy , more like he was a spy one minute then on the run the next minute- sorry to be so vague

  2. I’m guessing you saw it hosted on your local station on like a ‘Svengoolie’ or ‘USA Up All Night’ type program which probably enhanced the viewing experience for you. Glad I could help. 🙂

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