Movie/tv show with two assassins in suits with suppressed pistols

Approximate date: 1985 to mid-90’s

Language: English

TV/Movie: Was watching the scene on TV. So it could be a movie or TV show scene.

Color/B&W: Color


The scene I remember starts with two men in an apartment or hotel room. One of these men was heavy set. These two men in the room were having a conversation.

The scene then cuts to outside the apartment/hotel room. There are two assassins wearing suits (seem to remember one having a mustache) that walk quietly up the stairs to the front door of the apartment/hotel room the other men were in. Then it shows the suited men pulling out suppressed pistols (possibly 1911’s??). After readying their suppressed pistols, they kick in the door and start opening fire.

The skinnier guy in the room makes a run for it to the back and escapes. The fat guy gets hit two or three times, goes backward, and ends up sitting against the wall dead.

Both of the assassins run into the room. One of the assassins runs up to the fat guy, kneels down, and puts his hand against the dead fat guy’s neck to check his pulse. The other assassin runs to the back to go after the skinny guy.

I was only 5 when I saw this movie. This is one of the movies that is responsible for my interest in suppressed firearms. Hopefully you can find out which movie or TV show it was from.

Thanks in advance! 🙂


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