Room full of knives

Help! I remember this movie scene where a couple of people are running from someone/something, trying to find a safe place to hide, and they end up in a room full of knives. This is tense because something will send the knives flying at them – I thought maybe it was weather-related (like “Twister”)…my husband also recalls the scene, thinks maybe a magnet was drawing the knives. I don’t think it’s one of the X-men movies, but maybe? Feels like this should be easy, but Google only leads me to “House of Flying Daggers”.

3 thoughts on “Room full of knives

  1. This has been bugging me because I know what you’re thinking of arms can’t remember it myself. I’m hoping someone pays the answer because it’s killing me. I’ve been asking everyone and a few people seem to remember the scene as well, but can’t remember where it’s from either. There is the barn scene from Twister, but I definitely remember a scene in a kitchen or something with a bunch of actual knives.

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