Fighting scene in the van

It was fighting inside of the van where the character was transported by bad guys (possibly character was a female, but I`m not sure). There were to guardians together with the main character in the van. One armed with smg, another with taser. During the fight they got to the position where smg-guy pointed his gun at the guy with the taser, and the taser in that guy’s hand touched the body of smgunner. The main character clicked the button on the taser causing the finger of the gunner to pull the trigger. Thus the head of the man with the taser was blown off.

5 thoughts on “Fighting scene in the van

  1. No such thing! Key elements are: the strike team (should I say Spetznatz?) in a very dangerous location (I should say Earth??); doomed to wait for rescue only for half of them (lack of breath clean air?); they draw lots and further fight (I should say with respect) each other to death of half of them

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