civil war movie

Several years ago I saw a movie on TCM. I was not able to see all of it. All I remember of the story was that it was set in the south just before the civil war. Some rich bully had taken over a plantation from someone who had died in debt. He announced that the dead man’s daughter was actually the child of a slave and so was a slave and belonged to him. The girl looked and had been raised as white. The movie was black and white, I think. I don’t remember more. I would appreciate finding out what this movie is.

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  1. No such thing! Key elements are: the strike team (should I say Spetznatz?) in a very dangerous location (I should say Earth??); doomed to wait for rescue only for half of them (lack of breath clean air?); they draw lots and further fight (I should say with respect) each other to death of half of them

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