Amnesia apocalypse!!!

Hi all, I’m looking for a movie a saw years ago.

It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where an amnesia-causing virus has brought humanity to the brink of destruction. A couple is struggling to stay together despite losing their memories of each other. I remember a few scenes from it:

– The opening scene is them waking up in an apartment and finding each other, they start to realise that they are married and should not be separated or they might lose each other forever.

– THE NEXT SCENE IS QUITE INTENSE, don’t read if rape/suicide triggers you. A guy is sleeping in a car in a multi-storey parking lot and gets jumped by a group of people who beat and rape him. He gets to the top of the parking lot and climbs over the ledge ready to jump. As he finds the courage to do it, the sun rises and you can see a shift in the look in his eyes. The virus that causes amnesia has made him forget the traumatic experience and he goes on as if nothing had happened.

-Last thing I remember is the couple gets separated and they forget about each other, but during the final scene of the movie they see each other on the street and she smiles, leaving room for some hope they’ll be reunited.

Thanks to whoever can help me find this, I’ve been thinking about this for months but I just can’t recall the title.

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