Female archer saves family

This movie was from the 70s or perhaps the 80s. American, English, in color.
Bad guys invade a home and are holding a family hostage. The mom is not caught. Mom is excellent with a bow and arrow. Mom sneaks around through the woods around the house and picks off bad guys as she has the opportunity. Eventually the dad gets outside with a friend and they make it to the garage where they find one of those small handheld crossbows that shoots bolts about 6 inches long. Thefather somehow ends up in the swimming pool. A bad guy pours gasoline on the water and throws a zippo lighter toward the pool. The dad raises up in the water and shoots the bad guy with that little handheld crossbow. Then the dad ducks under the water. The gasoline on the water catches fire. The dad waits for a clear place in the flames and he emerges and gets out of the pool.

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    1. That’s it! I knew it as soon as you jogged my memory. Thank you! This has been driving me crazy. Neither Google nor chatpbt could get it.

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