Exchange of prisoners on a bridge

It was an old movie. Empty brigde above the river. Night. Sharp spotlights. Groups of people from both coasts. On one side: uniformed and civilians (also a woman). On the second: only uniformed. On one side there is a man in a grey coat and a hat. There are chains on the wrists of his hands and chains on the ankles of his legs. The soldiers take them off him. On the other side, the man has a black coat and a black hat. It is not apparent that he is cuffed. They both start walking towards each other across the bridge, passing each other without looking at each other. They walk for a long time.

On one side, the man removes his grey hat, military men salute, civilians embrace. A woman extends her arms towards him, throws herself around his neck, he hugs her.

On the other side, there are soldiers putting shackles and chains on the other man. Holding his elbows, they shove him into the middle of the group, who immediately walk off into the darkness.

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