Cybersex, trying again

I tried this over a year ago. Let’s see if anyone can remember this.
ChatGPT just keeps giving me episodes of Outer Limits that don’t exist.

I’m looking for a movie (possibly TV show) that came out in the late 80’s or early 90’s. I saw it on late night TV.
There was this guy in a cyberpunk world. He went into a secret club to rent a cybersex booth. The receptionist asked him for the size of the hardware he needed and he said “large”. She laughed and said “OK that means medium.”
He went into the booth and the VR program kept glitching and going wrong.
At the end he walked out and said something like “She treated me no worse than real women I’ve met.”

5 thoughts on “Cybersex, trying again

  1. There was an SF anthology series put out by Playboy called Inside Out (1991) that dealt in that kind of thing.

  2. ZOMFGWTFBBQ!!!! You found it! It was Inside Out! It exists! I’m not crazy! (OK you know what I mean!) It’s real!

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