Detectives sarcastically guessing odds someone died from a fall

I saw the movie probably around 7-10 years ago, after it was released. I cant remember when it was released, but I doubt it was earlier than mid-late 90’s. The only scene I can remember is where some guy has been pushed off (or maybe jumped off) the top of building that was only several stories high and died. Two detectives/cops find him and make a sarcastic comment to the effect of: “what do you think the chances are they died from the fall” “Im thinking sixty forty…. maybe seventy thirty”. I’ve tried searching around based of those quotes and smaller variations of them, or similar phrases, such as “fall killed them”, “eighty twenty”, or “odds” (instead of “chances”), but cant really find anything due to how much I don’t remember of the scene or the rest of the movie in general. I think it was more of a dry/dark humor, drama crime movie. It was in English (small chance it could be British, but I’m almost certain it was American).

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