British mystery/paranormal tv show that was on Netflix

I remember this show very faintly and I’m trying to rewatch it to bring back childhood memories. I use to watch it with my friends when I was ten, that was in 2012. It was on netflix. I only remember a small scene of what I believe is the first episode. I remember there being a taxi that either drops off either the man or the woman. It was raining that day too so I believe one of them had an umbrella. They were talking and flirting and Im pretty sure they kissed in the rain. I think in that same episode there was a person (I dont really remember if they were male or female) in a wheel chair who I believed attempted suicide and shot themselves in the head straight up behind their chin. The bullet went through their head leaving a bullet hole on the top of their scalp. The show is kind of like supernatural. There’s a group of people that fight paranomals. I also remember they have some sort of safe room they all met up in (sorry this is all out of order, I’m slowly remembering them as I write it all down). For some reason my mind just won’t stop telling me the name is rosewood, riverwood, or something with wood at the end. Thank you so, so much in advance.

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