sex slave chugs mouthwash after biting off male genitalia

The scene I remember includes a large black man buying a small sex slave that I believe was asian. The scene following the purchase is a small outdoor wedding. Everything at the wedding is white and the sky is very blue and the white/blue contrast gives the movie this happy and bright vibe. There is a centered shot of the black mans face smiling down at the bride (the sex slave). This is a creepy shot for obvious reasons. After the wedding the man takes the sex slave to what I assume is his house. He takes her to a living room which is mostly just a white room with glass windows. It’s a fancy and modern home. There is no furniture except for a mattress on the floor of this bland living room. Part of me remembers a camera in front of the mattress entailing that the man and the sex slave would have intercourse on the mattress to make pornography. But I am not certain if the camera was there, regardless the next scenes are one of a kind. The man forces the womans head below his belt and forces his penis into her mouth. She soon bites off his penis and he falls to the mattress. She gets up and uses a gun to shoot him a few times in the chest. Then she runs as fast as she can away from the house and finds a gas station where she enters and finds mouthwash. She opens the bottle in front of the cashier and just begins chugging the mouthwash. The cashier has a shocked expression and the girl just looks at the cashier. The sex slave obviously has blood all over her mouth and shirt so its no surprise the cashier at the gas station would be confused. This is the end of what I remember. I believe it could be a foreign film. I recall it being very well made. IT IS NOT PORN. I believe it was an action movie. I don’t remember any other aspect of the plot though. Just because male genitalia was bitten off in ONE scene of the entire doesn’t mean the movie is about this. The movie is not “Teeth” , its not a supernatural movie, its not a horror movie. I have asked almost everyone and everything calls me crazy and thinks that I made up this scene somehow but I remember it so vividly and it is such a specific scene. Please help, or at least let me know if you remember this movie, not even a title. I just need to know that I didn’t make this up.

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  1. I’ve been searching around to find this but Google has been…. unforgiving. Was the movie English or foreign? Do you remember what either of the characters looked like?

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