I can not remember this movie for the life of me

What I remember from this movie is there was a monster who came back every  year/years for a short number of days. As soon as it was killed within these days everyone it had killed came back to life and had no memory of it, however if it was not killed with in this time period it was released and the dead where permanent along with any that followed. The monster had to be killed a different way every time it came back. For example if you shot it with a gun last time that could not be the way you could kill it this time. The person tasked with killing this monster was a old man and was the only one who remember the events that happened.
Then the protagonist comes along and the old man is convinced he is the new monster hunter dude. The thing to die by the monster is a dog, and then it is later seen in the movie theater. The old man and protagonist kills the monster in the end on time with fire.  That is all I remember about the movie and its plot.
I saw it I think when I was round 9 so in 2003-ish. The movie was in color and English. I also saw it on the tv

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