A movie about maids who gets sexually abused

I remember seing a film about a young girl who starts working on this weird mansion where all maids have to wear sexy clothes and they sort of gets abused but rape was not permitted. But the main character does. That´s pretty much all I remember. It´s not set in real time, 1800-something and I saw it maybe 2010 and no, it´s not a porno! I think it´s sort of a revenge film. It has the same vibe as sucker punch and the girl with the pearl earrings (If you put the two of them together and ad more sexual abuse-ness) Have to find out the name of that movie!!

3 thoughts on “A movie about maids who gets sexually abused

    1. Nope, another movie. The brothel part is too much. The women are actually maids. Just with a “little extra something” for the gentlemen. And I’m pretty sure it’s made at least in the nineties. Could be 2010 to, no idea…:-( unforunately I’ve forgotten which language.

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