Looking for a film noir movie with scene similar to Detour



I am looking for a film-noir movie that was displayed in TV, I could only see a scene but don’t know the title or the plot. The scene was one of the strongest I have ever seen, but sadly I could not watch the film til the end. It is similar to a scene in Detour, but I have looked at this last film and definitely it is not it.

It was a hitchhiker, a man, and a driver (also man). Film in B&W, probably 1950-1960. The man is driving with the hitchhiker, and they are having a casual conversation. The driver tells something about why he is wearing driving gloves or something like that. Then, suddenly, the hitchhiker ask him, abruptly: Where did you hide the corpse? And to the surprise of the driver, he tells he that he knew that the driver had killed his wife (or someone) because of something related to the gloves and the conversation they had been keeping.

As I said, it is very close to the Detour scene where the hitchhiker girl ask the driver: “Where did you hide the body?”, but definitely, after watching it, it is not that scene and it is not that film.

Does the film exist? Is it a bad memory mixed with several films? Is it another Mandela effect? Please help me to find it. It cannot be a very low budget film because I saw it in 1990 or earlier in Spanish tv, and by that time if it had been dubbed to spanish it could not be very low budget.

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  1. Thanks, but no. It has nothing to do. The closest is Detour, even with the bounds in the driver hand. So maybe it is a ripoff of the scene. But I remember half of the deduction of the hitchhiker and makes Culombo research pale in comparison. It was one of the best scenes of all times and cannot find it.

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