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1970’s (European) Two Kids Who Want to go the Moon.

Hello – I saw this film in a theater back in the early 70’s. Part of a double-feature with “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”. It’s European bec the English dubbing was poor. It is about two male children who want to be the first kids to go to the moon. While visiting a “world’s fair”, they confer this “wish” to an all-knowing supercomputer.  In order to grant them their wish, the computer demands they give it something very beautiful.  The kids then begin a search for whatever they think the computer wants.  This leads to all kinds of misadventures (e.g.) the kids sneak into a military complex to steal a beautiful jewel and get shot at by soldiers.  They escape by stealing a helicopter with machine guns and tracer fire all around them but also manage to blow up the military base.  They end up crashing the helicopter and have to walk several miles to bring the jewel to the computer.  The computer says it cannot accept the jewel and the kids end up not going to the moon after all.  I have attempted to find this film several times.  My brother says it was a Polish kids movie or maybe Russian based on the weapons and military aspects of the film.

Scene unrelated to the movie

So the only scene I remember is this guy goes to a strip club, and there is a table of guys speaking ill of the performers. Maybe something about how they have no feelings. Protagonist says that he can walk over and get a kiss with just a rose and not saying a word, which he does. She says, “welcome back” and then kisses him. I think he is wearing a grey turtleneck and looks like Tim Robbins?

It had very little to do with the movie. I want to say it was 90s action. Help please!

Scene from a suspense and msytery movie?

Have the scene stuck in my head and now I need the name of this movie. So the scene starts with the brunette/blonde wife or gf. She’s standing in the room with a picture of I believe to be an Asian lady. Her husband/bf comes in. He is bald, has glasses, and a scruffy light beard. As he comes in and he sees her holding this photo. He stops there and his face looks like he just saw a ghost. After he is caught off guard he asks his wife/GF “where did you get that” or “who gave you that”. The wife/GF then replies saying the guy from the restaurant gave me a photo of his late/dead wife. He then responds saying “she’s not dead, I just saw her yesterday day”. Either he said yesterday or the other day. After he said that it showed him remembering having sex in the woods with this Asian lady in the photo. To describe the scene it was in the woods/forest area, cowgirl position, she was wearing a blue dress with white polka dots. Very little skin was shown just the act of them having intercourse. After that, the channel was changed. So I guess he was or had cheated on his wife/GF. It seemed to be a drama, kinda horror film mood to it. Judging by the way his wife/GF responded she did not know who was the lady in the picture. I tried searching the web with no help. Any help in finding this movie is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Son and wife moves back in to abusive dad

  1. Watched on HBO 90s

A film where a son and his wife and kids had to move back in with his dad and mom. His dad was abusive. There was a reveal where the mom killed the son’s sisters when they were still infants to not get the same fate as the son. The mom fainted and was hospitalized.

There was a scene where the dad beats up the son when he said he had to put up traps because there were rats in the basement where the family was staying

Old time setting, gun suicide, standing on fence

Old world frontier-ish farm setting, in states or possibly another country.  Some 1800s gentleman Rider?..type of guy, with coattails and a blond ponytail, I think, climbs onto a rustic wooden fence with some kind of old school shotgun, and like Point sit up at his face and then steps on the trigger with his toes or something….  he did this in front of some frontier couple that he must have done something bad to, earlier in the movie, so he’s trying to atone for it.  Afterward, some Mortuary guy is making a wax death mask to cover the face at the funeral, and he went to the couple, to see if it looked like a good match. and the woman slightly adjusted it, by taking some wax off the cheeks.

I think the man that was part of the couple could have been Tom Selleck, or somebody that looks like him.  The wife was dark blond, long white frontier dress type of outfit typical for back then.  It’s not Quigley Down Under, lol.  the scenery looks similar, but I don’t think this one was a comedy.

Could have been 15 years ago that I saw the Seen On TV already, and it wasn’t a new movie at that point, I dont think.  So we’re probably talking 80s or early 90s..  average budget type, not b-rated, but possibly could have been a for-TV movie.  I try to search for it kind of like a Cold Case once in awhile but I haven’t gotten anywhere.  I checked Tom Selleck’s entire filmography I couldn’t lock anything down.  Help!  Such a weird seeing somebody must remember it

A movie where an animal sings a simple melody and a lot of animals come to it (possibly to help fight against humans)?

Hi there! I don’t know much about this movie (hell,I don’t even know if i remember this correctly). But what I do remember is the melody that is sang by wwhat I think is an animal calling other animals to aid it. It is really simple and it souns like ” o ooooooooooooooooo o ooooooooooooooo” in a high tone. The animal might be voiced by a kid and that’s why this tone is so high. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

Ninja Cartoon 90s VHS


I hope someone can help I’ve been trying to find the name of a VHS tape I had when I was a kid.

The movie would have been from the early 90s.  It was a cartoon about a young ninja I think he had a red suit.  I remember 2 scenes one was in a cave filled with water and they were jumping across stones (sorry not a lot to go on there).  Another scene I remember was of two characters fighting and one of them was able to mimic the other fighter.

I hope someone can help me out it’s been driving me nuts.



Children Fantasy Movie/TV Show With Woman’s Hair Made of Gold

I’ve been looking for this forever! I watched it on American TV when I was little kid I was born in 1984. I was very young and it was a long time ago so the description may not be completely accurate and I can only remember one scene. There is a man and women in the woods hiding. They may have been hiding by a stone bridge or rocks talking to a boy or children. There is a scene with two men in a small black helicopter searching for something. The man hiding with the women tells the boy or children that the two men in the helicopter are searching for gold with their helicopter and they are hiding because the woman’s hair is made of gold and that is what they are picking up with their radar and have been chasing them.

This is the very last movie/TV show from my childhood that I cannot identify. These are some of the other obscure movies that I have been able to identify.

Invitation to Hell (1984)
The Quest (1986) AKA Frog Dreaming
Troll (1986)
Mac and Me (1988)
Nothing But Trouble (1991)


So i watched this movie when i was kind sometime in the late 1990’s .. but probably produced before that

it was about a group of people (probably in the military ) going to a village and killing the bad guys.  one of the good guys jump in a ditch/hole and get surrounded by the enemies from everywhere, he started shooting with a machine gun and killing the lot of them, but eventually they through nades at him and kill him …

Old Movies

I’m trying to remember two old film I saw in the lat 60 or early 70s:

One is an old B&W film about two kids and the only scene I remember is them being trapped in an old windmill after it catches fore being struck by lightning.

The second has a scene when a guy drives his red convertible sports car off an unfinished overpass and is decapitated. A lady in white starts dancing with his head.