1970’s (European) Two Kids Who Want to go the Moon.

Hello – I saw this film in a theater back in the early 70’s. Part of a double-feature with “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”. It’s European bec the English dubbing was poor. It is about two male children who want to be the first kids to go to the moon. While visiting a “world’s fair”, they confer this “wish” to an all-knowing supercomputer.  In order to grant them their wish, the computer demands they give it something very beautiful.  The kids then begin a search for whatever they think the computer wants.  This leads to all kinds of misadventures (e.g.) the kids sneak into a military complex to steal a beautiful jewel and get shot at by soldiers.  They escape by stealing a helicopter with machine guns and tracer fire all around them but also manage to blow up the military base.  They end up crashing the helicopter and have to walk several miles to bring the jewel to the computer.  The computer says it cannot accept the jewel and the kids end up not going to the moon after all.  I have attempted to find this film several times.  My brother says it was a Polish kids movie or maybe Russian based on the weapons and military aspects of the film.

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