Old time setting, gun suicide, standing on fence

Old world frontier-ish farm setting, in states or possibly another country.  Some 1800s gentleman Rider?..type of guy, with coattails and a blond ponytail, I think, climbs onto a rustic wooden fence with some kind of old school shotgun, and like Point sit up at his face and then steps on the trigger with his toes or something….  he did this in front of some frontier couple that he must have done something bad to, earlier in the movie, so he’s trying to atone for it.  Afterward, some Mortuary guy is making a wax death mask to cover the face at the funeral, and he went to the couple, to see if it looked like a good match. and the woman slightly adjusted it, by taking some wax off the cheeks.

I think the man that was part of the couple could have been Tom Selleck, or somebody that looks like him.  The wife was dark blond, long white frontier dress type of outfit typical for back then.  It’s not Quigley Down Under, lol.  the scenery looks similar, but I don’t think this one was a comedy.

Could have been 15 years ago that I saw the Seen On TV already, and it wasn’t a new movie at that point, I dont think.  So we’re probably talking 80s or early 90s..  average budget type, not b-rated, but possibly could have been a for-TV movie.  I try to search for it kind of like a Cold Case once in awhile but I haven’t gotten anywhere.  I checked Tom Selleck’s entire filmography I couldn’t lock anything down.  Help!  Such a weird seeing somebody must remember it

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