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Washing money , not Hard Cash

I look for movie I watched in the end of 90’s. I don’t remember the beginning or the end. Man and woman were digging some bag of money at night , somewhere in the desert. They were using external light box put on the bonnet of their pick-up. They digged deep hole and start losing hope , but finally they found big bag full of money. On the next day they washed the money. Literally. They put them in a laundry machine and then hook them with peg on cord to dry.

Movie in which everything goes wrong

I look for a movie in which everything goes wrong. There are a lot of movies like this , but this one is champion . Literally every 3-5 minutes something bad happens , making the life of the main heroes worse , and ultimately the movie does not have happy ending. It’s not tragedy or comedy , it’s quite normal movie actually. It was about two men and one blonde woman living in house , maybe somewhere in the suburbs. In the begging everything looks fine , around the 15-20 minute the things start to go wrong , with little stuff like somebody breaking his hand. Accidentally the two guys kill the woman , put her in trunk , and later bury the body in someones backyard , and if I remember right someone find it. If I am not wrong also included planned wedding and trip to Las Vegas. In the end one of the guys was alive but the police probably charged him. I watched it 10 years ago.

Probably a TV movie , watched in early 00’s

This movie is about two guys trying to rob a bank. For some reason they do not escaped the building , so the FBI got to negotiate with them. Almost the whole movie the agents where siting in some kind of large office space talking what they should do. The one bad guy was white and the other one was black. The black guy have been before in the jail and said he won’t return. He was citing some philosophical sentences and the agents were worried they have business with some intelligent criminal. The main good guy looked like young Rob Morrow.

Strange movie i watched in the second half of 90’s

This movie is not american. It’s european or south american.

Everything happens in tropic environment – there’s palms everywhere.

One man ( white shirt ) start seeing deja – vu ‘ s , like golf or ping pong ball , making the same movement two different days. He start bothering why this happens and go to the priest he know and ask him about this events , but don’t receive clear answer.
In the end of the movie he chase a truck on feet , at the night and in stormy weather. There is a woman in the back of the truck and he shout “where are you going” and she say ” i need to finish the movie” . He ask her what movie and she answer the name of the actual movie i have been watching.