Washing money , not Hard Cash

I look for movie I watched in the end of 90’s. I don’t remember the beginning or the end. Man and woman were digging some bag of money at night , somewhere in the desert. They were using external light box put on the bonnet of their pick-up. They digged deep hole and start losing hope , but finally they found big bag full of money. On the next day they washed the money. Literally. They put them in a laundry machine and then hook them with peg on cord to dry.

2 thoughts on “Washing money , not Hard Cash

  1. There’s a money washing scene in the movie “Bound.” I don’t remember why the money needed washing, I just remember it being strung up in the lines and the lady ironing it. I’m not sure the money was dirty because it had been buried, but at least you can eliminate it.

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