Movie in which everything goes wrong

I look for a movie in which everything goes wrong. There are a lot of movies like this , but this one is champion . Literally every 3-5 minutes something bad happens , making the life of the main heroes worse , and ultimately the movie does not have happy ending. It’s not tragedy or comedy , it’s quite normal movie actually. It was about two men and one blonde woman living in house , maybe somewhere in the suburbs. In the begging everything looks fine , around the 15-20 minute the things start to go wrong , with little stuff like somebody breaking his hand. Accidentally the two guys kill the woman , put her in trunk , and later bury the body in someones backyard , and if I remember right someone find it. If I am not wrong also included planned wedding and trip to Las Vegas. In the end one of the guys was alive but the police probably charged him. I watched it 10 years ago.

5 thoughts on “Movie in which everything goes wrong

  1. It seems to be this. + 1 point for you . I just wonder why I remember so much stuff that was not in the movie.

  2. LOL. yeah, i just skimmed through VBT, because i was seriously doubting that it could be your movie. but it does hit enough of your points that I wondered where the other details could have come from. maybe Shallow Grave (1994)? works a similar vein of VERY dark comedy.

  3. It’s definitely Very Bad Things. Shallow Grave does not look anything like the movie i have watched. I remember only some pictures from the movie , but it seems I pointed most of things right. Only the breaking hand part was mismatched , I was not sure about that and put it only to emphasize the direction of the movie.

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