Strange movie i watched in the second half of 90’s

This movie is not american. It’s european or south american.

Everything happens in tropic environment – there’s palms everywhere.

One man ( white shirt ) start seeing deja – vu ‘ s , like golf or ping pong ball , making the same movement two different days. He start bothering why this happens and go to the priest he know and ask him about this events , but don’t receive clear answer.
In the end of the movie he chase a truck on feet , at the night and in stormy weather. There is a woman in the back of the truck and he shout “where are you going” and she say ” i need to finish the movie” . He ask her what movie and she answer the name of the actual movie i have been watching.

3 thoughts on “Strange movie i watched in the second half of 90’s

  1. actually just read the post again its nothing like that movie also that came out 2007 so way to late to be what you where looking for

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