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Saw this facebook clip of a movie.

So I’ve never actually seen this, it was just a short clip of a movie that I now really want to watch. But of course facebook clip posters never tell you the name and always link you to some scam site. Anyways here we go.

I’d say 2010-2022 if I had to guess

The scene I saw:
We are in a city area, everyone randomly just stops moving all of a sudden. A little black girl quickly turns around and grabs the hand of a very confused man. She says “Don’t move, or they’ll kill you” (something like that). Soon after these white from head to toe aliens appear and start closely examining all the people in this direct area that are standing still. Scene ends here.

Really wanna see this thing, any help appreciated.

Horror Movie, Patient/experiment? with freaky tongue

90s – extremely early 2000’s if I had to guess, color film, english

Location – Research Facility OR Mental institution (I lean towards research)

I saw this movie as a child at a hotel on our way to Florida. A group of people are with a man in a building (they might work there, or they could be stuck there) he is psychologically unstable, he might have a semi muscular frame and perhaps longish dark hair.

The most specific memory is at some point he is talking to a woman extremely close to her about what someone used to feed him, he might try to lick her or kiss her at some point (can’t remember) but we see his tongue and it looks rather deformed like he has a stinger instead of a tongue (if not a stinger than just something like a spike where the tip of his tongue should be)

I usually have more details on my long lost childhood movies, but this one is very vague in my memories.

Horror Movie About..Wasps?

80s-90s movie (I was a child when I saw it, I’m 30 now), English Language, color film.

Pretty sure this was a horror movie. It had large flying creatures that I really think were wasps, might have been bats or just some type of flying monsters, but I’m really leaning towards genetically altered wasps.

I remember a scene near the beginning where a kid on a dirtbike is trying desperately to out run whatever it is and the camera angle is from the point of view of the thing flying after him. I think later the main cast finds that kid’s body in a mine shaft or cave etc. and it’s in really bad condition.

Asian Style Martial Arts Film 2010ish-2018 (No later)

New film, was on Netflix for quite some time, location is definitely Asian, usual suspects such as Korea or China (leaning towards China based on the styles used).  A group/cult/clan are forcing prisoners to fight to the death. Prisoners came from many different places, I believe one group was british or american soldiers maybe both. A distanced ex member of the group (he is asian) came back to stop the group that were doing this. He was kind of a prodigy and was in line to ownership before he left. There is an antagonist that is the main characters childhood friend or brother who is now in line to take over.

One of the first major fights is between our hero and a very large man, the hero shows up with an empty coffin and implies he is going to put the man in it, they then fight with the hero eventually overwhelming the large strong man and killing him.

Semi Scary Movie?

Horror movie from the 80-90s region, english language.

A girl enters a video game in search of her boyfriend, the game has puzzles and traps in it, and if you die in the game you die in real life I believe.

A few scenes I remember she’s moving through a maze and a green light or force is chasing her, as she exits the maze the light skims her back causing her to bleed a little bit.

Another scene shows the boyfriend in a pretty bad state, bloody and messed up, might have been in a pit, or set on fire (god I really am messing this scene up I’m sure) but the main point is that she does see him at some point and he’s not doing so well

Finally I believe she meets this rather creepy looking little boy along the way, and as they get to the end the boy kinda goes demonic because he’s been corupted by the system?

A few lines from the movie I can remember is the little boy commenting on a ship or something air borne approaching them he states what they are then says “If they touch us were dead”….the girl also had earned a free life to which she reminds the main bad guy at the end of the movie that he has forgotten about her free life.

I don’t remember any actors, however something about the boys face is very familiar I believe I’ve seen him in other creepy movies, dark features creepy eyes.

Martial Arts Movie

This is a movie from the 80s or 90s, I am leaning towards 90s. The movie is in english and from what I recall semi low budget so I can’t remember any actors.

Main character met a pro wrestler/fighter etc as a child and the wrestler gave him a keepsake (might have been a medal, or a picture) Fast forward, main character is grown and goofs off practicing his martial arts in a warehouse on boxes or something like that. Gets discovered and is subjected to cutting edge training in a weird room so as to have a chance against his opponents. There might also be performance enhancing drugs involved. The bouts are all pretty much full contact and the fighters don’t seem to have alot of animosity towards each other after the fights are over, near the end the main character becomes a big deal in the organization, one of his co fighters that he considers a friend (the friends stage name might have been budda guy or budokai?) is put into a fight to the death against a crazed drug enhanced fighter that might have been wearing a shock collar to keep him in check, there’s a cage i think and weapons maybe involved, the friend is killed by the crazed fighter who turns out to be the main characters childhood hero from the beginning of the movie, main character is forced to fight his hero, he shows him the keepsake and the crazed fighter mellows out and seems like hes in a trance remembering his former self before he is killed by the main villain…..good guy goes onto win etc etc.