Horror Movie About..Wasps?

80s-90s movie (I was a child when I saw it, I’m 30 now), English Language, color film.

Pretty sure this was a horror movie. It had large flying creatures that I really think were wasps, might have been bats or just some type of flying monsters, but I’m really leaning towards genetically altered wasps.

I remember a scene near the beginning where a kid on a dirtbike is trying desperately to out run whatever it is and the camera angle is from the point of view of the thing flying after him. I think later the main cast finds that kid’s body in a mine shaft or cave etc. and it’s in really bad condition.

4 thoughts on “Horror Movie About..Wasps?

    1. WOW, YES! I just watched the scene I was thinking of. I was certain they were wasps, but instead they were just giant mosquitoes. Crazy how our memories can replace details like that. Thank you

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