Asian Style Martial Arts Film 2010ish-2018 (No later)

New film, was on Netflix for quite some time, location is definitely Asian, usual suspects such as Korea or China (leaning towards China based on the styles used).  A group/cult/clan are forcing prisoners to fight to the death. Prisoners came from many different places, I believe one group was british or american soldiers maybe both. A distanced ex member of the group (he is asian) came back to stop the group that were doing this. He was kind of a prodigy and was in line to ownership before he left. There is an antagonist that is the main characters childhood friend or brother who is now in line to take over.

One of the first major fights is between our hero and a very large man, the hero shows up with an empty coffin and implies he is going to put the man in it, they then fight with the hero eventually overwhelming the large strong man and killing him.

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