Horror Movie, Patient/experiment? with freaky tongue

90s – extremely early 2000’s if I had to guess, color film, english

Location – Research Facility OR Mental institution (I lean towards research)

I saw this movie as a child at a hotel on our way to Florida. A group of people are with a man in a building (they might work there, or they could be stuck there) he is psychologically unstable, he might have a semi muscular frame and perhaps longish dark hair.

The most specific memory is at some point he is talking to a woman extremely close to her about what someone used to feed him, he might try to lick her or kiss her at some point (can’t remember) but we see his tongue and it looks rather deformed like he has a stinger instead of a tongue (if not a stinger than just something like a spike where the tip of his tongue should be)

I usually have more details on my long lost childhood movies, but this one is very vague in my memories.

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