Semi Scary Movie?

Horror movie from the 80-90s region, english language.

A girl enters a video game in search of her boyfriend, the game has puzzles and traps in it, and if you die in the game you die in real life I believe.

A few scenes I remember she’s moving through a maze and a green light or force is chasing her, as she exits the maze the light skims her back causing her to bleed a little bit.

Another scene shows the boyfriend in a pretty bad state, bloody and messed up, might have been in a pit, or set on fire (god I really am messing this scene up I’m sure) but the main point is that she does see him at some point and he’s not doing so well

Finally I believe she meets this rather creepy looking little boy along the way, and as they get to the end the boy kinda goes demonic because he’s been corupted by the system?

A few lines from the movie I can remember is the little boy commenting on a ship or something air borne approaching them he states what they are then says “If they touch us were dead”….the girl also had earned a free life to which she reminds the main bad guy at the end of the movie that he has forgotten about her free life.

I don’t remember any actors, however something about the boys face is very familiar I believe I’ve seen him in other creepy movies, dark features creepy eyes.

4 thoughts on “Semi Scary Movie?

    1. YES holy crap good job. That’s definitely it, I can’t believe seth green was in it how did I not recognize him.

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