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Fast “zombies” going over a berm in a forest

American movie, 80’s or early 90’s I think, in color. Pretty sure I saw it on TV.

The only scene I remember is the good guys being at a small building or protected sort of location (this is vague), then realizing the bad guys were coming soon. They go to a dirt berm, grass covered, only a few feet tall, and setup to shoot over it. It’s in a lightly forested area, and it’s foggy, at night. The bad guys start coming from the right (on screen), and the good guys shoot at them (best I can remember). I think the camera is set fairly close, so the bad guys appear on the screen very fast and overrun the good guys. You don’t see them coming for hardly any time before they’re over the berm, fast-action stuff.

I very vaguely remember the bad guys being zombie-like, but totally could just be normal people. I don’t remember anything like cutting of their heads to kill them or whatever, I only remember shooting guns. If they were zombies, they were more like “28 days later” rather than slow moving ones.

The people seemed young-ish, not well prepared, and not in uniform. So I don’t think it’s a war movie.


Spy movie, strangulation on a train

This is a spy/drama movie, I think it’s in American english but is set in Europe. Probably 80’s or early 90’s, definitely color. I saw it in the late 90’s to early 2000’s.  Involves one mid-level actor, I’m pretty sure he’s been in several movies, but is not a superstar. He’s probably 40 in the movie, so would be ~60-70 now. White guy, fairly thin, average height, short semi-curly brown hair I think.

There is a small villa/house in the countryside of England probably. White with brown shutters maybe. Main character either lives there or is hiding out for a while, but seems he owns the place.

The main character is a spy, or at least thinks he’s a spy. I vaguely remember him being delusional about that and he’s just a regular guy gone crazy (but fully functional still), but that might be totally off.

The scene I remember best: Main guy and another are on a moving passenger train, and strangle someone else, and put the dead person into the bathroom. I think the main character was convincing the other guy to kill him, but he had issues with it, so the main character does the strangling. Not sure though.


“Snowshoes” in the “swamp” sci fi movie

I think this is a 50’s-60’s sci fi movie. There’s a guy walking through a swamp-like area, with some fog, and some foam/bubbly stuff he’s walking on. He’s wearing some large snowshoe-like things to keep from sinking. I think he’s got a beard, and is dressed for cold weather, but that might also just be old-school “always wear pants and a long sleeved shirt” thing.

It seems to be set in the 1800’s or early 1900’s, I remember them being on a boat/ship that somehow gets through the swamp. I think there are several people on the boat, but the man is walking alone at this point.

It’s dark-ish (like a dull glow, not pitch black), and green-yellowish tinged if I’m remembering right. So I think it’s color, but not 100% certain. It feels like a Jules Verne exploration and adventure sort of story (I didn’t find a Verne movie that matched, but might not have gotten them all).

I saw this in the mid 90’s probably, pretty much had to be on TV but maaaaybe was a bit later and on a computer. Definitely wasn’t at a theater.


Strands growing out a womans mouth

The only scene I remember (which traumatized me) is a bunched set of strands, like a handful of hair, but thicker strands, growing out of a woman’s mouth, and a man trying to keep them from strangling/engulfing her. I think he was cutting them. In any case, I think he loses. The strands were white-ish I think, and growing at a rate of an inch or 2 per second, quickly wrapping around both of them.

I saw this in about 1988-1994, on TV. We didn’t have cable, so it was on one of the antenna channels. I’m pretty sure it was in color, and my gut feel is the movie was from the 70’s or early 80’s, and was probably cheesy enough to have been a “made for TV” type movie.

Thanks in advance!