Fast “zombies” going over a berm in a forest

American movie, 80’s or early 90’s I think, in color. Pretty sure I saw it on TV.

The only scene I remember is the good guys being at a small building or protected sort of location (this is vague), then realizing the bad guys were coming soon. They go to a dirt berm, grass covered, only a few feet tall, and setup to shoot over it. It’s in a lightly forested area, and it’s foggy, at night. The bad guys start coming from the right (on screen), and the good guys shoot at them (best I can remember). I think the camera is set fairly close, so the bad guys appear on the screen very fast and overrun the good guys. You don’t see them coming for hardly any time before they’re over the berm, fast-action stuff.

I very vaguely remember the bad guys being zombie-like, but totally could just be normal people. I don’t remember anything like cutting of their heads to kill them or whatever, I only remember shooting guns. If they were zombies, they were more like “28 days later” rather than slow moving ones.

The people seemed young-ish, not well prepared, and not in uniform. So I don’t think it’s a war movie.


2 thoughts on “Fast “zombies” going over a berm in a forest

    1. Doesn’t look far off, but I was feeling a bit more urban than that. I’ll definitely try to find that and check it out though. Thanks!

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