Spy movie, strangulation on a train

This is a spy/drama movie, I think it’s in American english but is set in Europe. Probably 80’s or early 90’s, definitely color. I saw it in the late 90’s to early 2000’s.  Involves one mid-level actor, I’m pretty sure he’s been in several movies, but is not a superstar. He’s probably 40 in the movie, so would be ~60-70 now. White guy, fairly thin, average height, short semi-curly brown hair I think.

There is a small villa/house in the countryside of England probably. White with brown shutters maybe. Main character either lives there or is hiding out for a while, but seems he owns the place.

The main character is a spy, or at least thinks he’s a spy. I vaguely remember him being delusional about that and he’s just a regular guy gone crazy (but fully functional still), but that might be totally off.

The scene I remember best: Main guy and another are on a moving passenger train, and strangle someone else, and put the dead person into the bathroom. I think the main character was convincing the other guy to kill him, but he had issues with it, so the main character does the strangling. Not sure though.


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  1. Nope. In ‘Eye of the Needle’ he uses a stiletto(hence the name ‘Needle’), and nobody helps him with any of his kills.

    1. Yeah that’s not it. The actor is probably a Donald Sutherland category actor, maybe a bit less unknown. But not him unfortunately. Thanks so far though

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