“Snowshoes” in the “swamp” sci fi movie

I think this is a 50’s-60’s sci fi movie. There’s a guy walking through a swamp-like area, with some fog, and some foam/bubbly stuff he’s walking on. He’s wearing some large snowshoe-like things to keep from sinking. I think he’s got a beard, and is dressed for cold weather, but that might also just be old-school “always wear pants and a long sleeved shirt” thing.

It seems to be set in the 1800’s or early 1900’s, I remember them being on a boat/ship that somehow gets through the swamp. I think there are several people on the boat, but the man is walking alone at this point.

It’s dark-ish (like a dull glow, not pitch black), and green-yellowish tinged if I’m remembering right. So I think it’s color, but not 100% certain. It feels like a Jules Verne exploration and adventure sort of story (I didn’t find a Verne movie that matched, but might not have gotten them all).

I saw this in the mid 90’s probably, pretty much had to be on TV but maaaaybe was a bit later and on a computer. Definitely wasn’t at a theater.


5 thoughts on ““Snowshoes” in the “swamp” sci fi movie

  1. The people wearing ‘snow shoes’ also had balloons holding them up, correct?
    Here is a trailer where you get a glimpse of the balloons but not the snow shoes.

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