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80s/90s crime movie/TV movie

The movie opens with a man (“good guy”) arriving by car (typical 70s/80s long and wide square shaped American car such as Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, etc.) at the office of his brother/cousin?/best friend? (“bad guy”), whom he hadn’t seen for some time. His brother introduces him to a secretary, who is his fiancee or lover. After some time he hooks up with her, making it a love triangle and causing the brothers to clash. Their father, I think, is a mob boss and in one scene slapped the “bad guy” brother while he was weightlifting. The father looked like Rod Steiger in The Specialist (1994).

Wife says she doesn’t want a perfect life, she wants a life with problems

After noticing that his wife looks unhappy, husband asks her what’s the problem, adding that he always did everything for her and that they never even argued. She answers that’s exactly the problem and says something along the lines of “I don’t want a perfect life. I want a life with problems.”


Which movie/TV movie is this conversation from? I only know the movie is from the 90s/2000s.

80s teen movies

I need help with four teen movies (or TV movies/TV series episodes) from which I remember only a few scenes.

1) American comedy (probably beach sub-genre)

A guy (who is main character’s best buddy) is jogging on the beach and falls on the ground as he accidentally bumped into a very muscular black guy. He gets up and tries to run away as the black guy is chasing him and, I think, accusing him of flirting with his sister.

2) most likely American comedy-drama

Unpopular teen sleeping in a beach house is awaken by alarm (or noise from the outside) and he pulls on jeans before looking out the window.

3) most likely American comedy-drama

A guy goes to visit (or telephones) his girlfriend with whom he recently had a fight with (maybe they even broke up). Her mother opens the door (or answers the phone) and lies to him that she moved to Yugoslavia.

4) possibly American coming-of-age or even pre-teen comedy (80s or early 90s)

Brother is talking with his sister in the schoolyard and asks to French kiss with her just for practise. I think she first refuses, but then accepts and tells him that he can kiss her only once.

A Native American is teaching a boy how to orientate in the nature and about life lessons

He teaches a boy how to figure out what time it is based on the position of the sun. I think the boy was from the city and didn’t believe it was possible without the clock. In the final scene, they are on the mountain and there are two (or more) paths to take and they have to choose the right one to not get lost. The man knows which path is the right one, but wants the boy to figure it out and he takes something behind his hands and tells the boy that if he can guess in which hand he holds it then he will figure out which road to take. The boy closes his eyes and thinks about all the lessons the man has taught him and as he opens his eyes to guess in which hand it is, the man is already holding it in front with his hands open and tells the boy that if he really believes in something, it will happen.

I am not sure if this is a movie, TV movie or a TV series episode. I think it is from the 90s, probably no later than mid-90s.

A bad guy is questioning the lead character if he slept with his wife

The bad guy tells him that he will let him live only if he passes his personal “lie detector test” (which is a gun pointed in the face). One of the questions was did he sleep with his wife. Then there’s a flashback scene where we see that he didn’t sleep with the bad guy’s wife. But he decided to answer “yes”, as that would be more believable and successfully passes that question.

It is 90s or early 2000s movie or some TV series episode.

Scene with character(s) trapped in a room filling with water

It’s a scene likely from some 60-s-70s spy thriller (though I’m not ruling out it could be newer, up to the early 90s). The movie was most likely in English language. I’m also not ruling out the possibility it could be an episode of some TV series.

It’s not The Return of Dr. Mabuse (1961) or Dr. No (1962).

It’s most similar to a scene from The Drowning Pool (1975). But from what I remember the difference is in the movie I am looking for the room could be entered directly from the street and it had something resembling a ship door (and perhaps it could only be opened from the outside)? I don’t remember if one or two persons were trapped.