80s/90s crime movie/TV movie

The movie opens with a man (“good guy”) arriving by car (typical 70s/80s long and wide square shaped American car such as Ford, Chevrolet, Pontiac, etc.) at the office of his brother/cousin?/best friend? (“bad guy”), whom he hadn’t seen for some time. His brother introduces him to a secretary, who is his fiancee or lover. After some time he hooks up with her, making it a love triangle and causing the brothers to clash. Their father, I think, is a mob boss and in one scene slapped the “bad guy” brother while he was weightlifting. The father looked like Rod Steiger in The Specialist (1994). https://c8.alamy.com/comp/BKBFY3/the-specialist-1994-rod-steiger-sharon-stone-james-woods-sclt-013-BKBFY3.jpg

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