A Native American is teaching a boy how to orientate in the nature and about life lessons

He teaches a boy how to figure out what time it is based on the position of the sun. I think the boy was from the city and didn’t believe it was possible without the clock. In the final scene, they are on the mountain and there are two (or more) paths to take and they have to choose the right one to not get lost. The man knows which path is the right one, but wants the boy to figure it out and he takes something behind his hands and tells the boy that if he can guess in which hand he holds it then he will figure out which road to take. The boy closes his eyes and thinks about all the lessons the man has taught him and as he opens his eyes to guess in which hand it is, the man is already holding it in front with his hands open and tells the boy that if he really believes in something, it will happen.

I am not sure if this is a movie, TV movie or a TV series episode. I think it is from the 90s, probably no later than mid-90s.

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