80s teen movies

I need help with four teen movies (or TV movies/TV series episodes) from which I remember only a few scenes.

1) American comedy (probably beach sub-genre)

A guy (who is main character’s best buddy) is jogging on the beach and falls on the ground as he accidentally bumped into a very muscular black guy. He gets up and tries to run away as the black guy is chasing him and, I think, accusing him of flirting with his sister.

2) most likely American comedy-drama

Unpopular teen sleeping in a beach house is awaken by alarm (or noise from the outside) and he pulls on jeans before looking out the window.

3) most likely American comedy-drama

A guy goes to visit (or telephones) his girlfriend with whom he recently had a fight with (maybe they even broke up). Her mother opens the door (or answers the phone) and lies to him that she moved to Yugoslavia.

4) possibly American coming-of-age or even pre-teen comedy (80s or early 90s)

Brother is talking with his sister in the schoolyard and asks to French kiss with her just for practise. I think she first refuses, but then accepts and tells him that he can kiss her only once.

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