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Horror comedy movie shower scene

Hello so there’s this movie I’m looking for the name of here’s the scene I remember detail per detail hopefully I can find it once & for all

I remember seeing it in around 2015 on a website I know it had to have been a horror comedy like a low budget flick the killer goes around getting everyone until only one is standing here it goes

Starts off with a woman getting ready to shower as she takes off her clothes & her black thong/underwear with her butt showing as she’s turning on the water the killer walks in I remember the dude had a mask & a yellow suit sorta like worker type she then sees him & screams but too late he gets her & grabs an orange box that has either baking soda or some sort of shower powder & he pours it down onto her as she’s coughing non stop with her being another victim

This is all I remember if anyone could happen to know anything don’t hesitate please!! Thank you so much



Action movie

Hi I’ve got a movie memory I can’t remember if it was the matrix reloaded or it was some other action movie one thing I know is it’s by Tristar/Columbia pictures anyway I saw it on DVD, it begins with a woman Giving a narration on a massacre that happened at a nightclub with really creepy intense¬† music what happened was these guys in suits & glasses show up and shoot the place everywhere especially a guy that was singing and it’s in slow motion and the scene is very disturbing and once it’s done the music starts playing again and the last scene I remember seeing is their in a office building talking about something in a meeting I’d appreciate the help to find it thank you

Low budget slasher film

Okay so the movie I’m looking for is a low budget slasher film I remember watching it in 2015 and couldn’t find it ever since just one scene I remember so it goes like this women is getting ready to shower so she takes off her clothes and her black underwear and she steps into the shower when out of no where the maniac with a black/yellow coat and a mask of some sort steps in and he’s headed towards her when she sees it she screams in agony and she trys to get away but she gets the hands on her and to claim his victim he gets baking soda/powder of some sort and shoves it down her throat claiming his victim and it’s brutal I did find another film silmar to the shower scene it’s called Sorority Row (2009) in this one there’s a also a shower scene of a crazed maniac anyway I’d appreciate help to find this film

Mystery film

Okay so I remember seeing this movie on TV hear me out what it’s about is the Cop Drama type movie about the Strip club Dancers suddenly dissapering after 1 is found chained onto a metal fence and now it’s an investigation that’s all I can remember other than one dancer wearing a purple bikini

Another part is I remember is the movie intro it was like this cop badge with the movie name

Really would love to get some help finding this movie like I said it’s like about Cop/FBI investigation type

Whatever details to help find this movie I’d appreciate it


slalow Horror slasher

Remember seeing this low budget slasher flick but I can’t not remember the name of it! All I remember is one specific scene I’d appreciate the help to find this movie

How it goes

This woman is in the bathroom about to shower so she’s in black ¬†braand underwear and she takes everything off she’s about to step in but the door opens and the slasher goes in and the women sees him as she’s in shock then she screams and trys to go in the shower but the slasher grabs her and gets I believe it was either baking soda or chloride and shoves it in her throat as he claimed his victim

All I remember is this could’been made around 2010-2015 I could have sworn the slasher had yellow

This probably had to been a horror comedy anything can help to find it!! Thank you!!

Remember seeing it on TV

So this movie I saw on TV on most likely Telemundo so it was translated in Spanish I’ll get to the details

Plot: so the film is about female exotic dancers however after one of the dancers dissapers this FBI deactivate guy is on the case they find the dancer on a metal tin fence tied up so this movie is dealing with dancers and FBI/police investigation

Parts I remember

One of the dancers had a purple bikini

The film intro opens with a badge of a police and on it the title appeared

The dancer was tied to a fence and the cops/fbi were around there

The guy was a typical cop trying to see what happened

Year: it look like it was in them mid 2000s not sure

This is all I can remember if anyone has anything on it please do comment I’d appreciate it!


Low budget slasher film

Hi please do help me find this horror film if possible all I know is the shower scene so it starts with this women in black bra and underwear as she undos bra and takes off the pantie but then the slasher slowly makes his way through the door when she sees it she is in shock then she screams and couldn’t get away the slasher grabs her and puts either chlorine or baking soda in her mouth as his next victim that’s all I remember from this film whatever you might know can help! Thank youuu

A Movie I saw on TV

Okay so this movie I saw on TV years ago I could never find it cause it’s interesting it’s about exotic dancers and cop/FBI investigation what happens is after one of the dancers disappears and os found tied on a chain fence the detective cop looks to investigate I remember the intro to the film was a badge and was like a typical cop film anyway I do hope I can get help to find this movie

Low budget slasher film

A women is about to shower as she takes off her bra and black underwear her butt is seen as she’s about to go to the shower in a slasher walks into the bathroom and she’s in complete shock as she screams in agony in front of the camera but he gets her and puts chlorine or something in her mouth this was a low budget film for sure the typical one but I can’t find this one I saw back in 2015 this is all I can remember from this film can I get help finding it??

Low budget slasher film

Okay so I’m looking for the name of this low budget slasher Texas chainsaw/Halloween ripoff knockoff where they stay at a house and one by one get KO the typical but specifically this one movie which I could never find again the only part I remember is this women was in the bathroom about to shower as she’s in black bra and underwear as she takes both off and gets the shower ready however the slasher opens the door and she sees him as she screams but doesn’t get a chance to escape he grabs her and puts I’m not sure if it was Chlorine but most likey in her mouth as his next victim that’s all I know and I watched this film in 2015 tho I can recall the villain had a yellow suit I’d appreciate if I can get help finding this movie I think it. Might be a horror comedy as well