Niteclub movie

Hi I’ve got a movie memory I can’t remember if it was the matrix reloaded or it was some other action movie one thing I know is it’s by Tristar/Columbia pictures

anyway I saw it on DVD, it begins with a woman Giving a narration on a massacre that happened at a nightclub with really creepy intense  music what happened was these guys in suits & glasses show up and shoot the place everywhere especially a guy that was singing and it’s in slow motion and the scene is very disturbing and once it’s done the music starts playing again and the last scene I remember seeing is their in a office building talking about something in a meeting I’d appreciate the help to find it thank you


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  1. Not quite but a cool scene tho and it’s by Tristar/Columbia pictures matrix is WB
    the movie starts off with a camera view on the aftermath of what happened
    with the voice then it cuts to how it happened I recall in the scene there was a guy singing with a mic and after there was a scene of these guys in suits like in a meeting
    anyway this movie I’m not all like I need to find it now just an extra one it’s be cool if I could remember this one

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