B movie slasher update

Okay so I’ve been trying to find a slasher B movie & I simply can not find it

-I watched it off a site in 2014/2015

– All I can remember is the shower/bath scene

-movie had to be made around 2009-2015

-not sure if it was a comedy horror it could’ve been

-it was the who is the last one left standing type slasher film

-The killer had like a yellow suit sorta like the one in my bloody Valentine something like a workers suit of course with a mask on

-it was definitely low budget with a low rating

How I remember the scene: It starts off with a women getting ready to take a shower as she takes off her black underwear/thong when out of no where the killer enters the restroom & once she notices she pauses for a few seconds as the killer gets closer & then she lets out a scream & trys to get away but it’s too late he grabs her & gets either it was baking soda,borax,or something close it was in an orange box he gets it from the Shower & then pours it down her throat claiming another one


Update: it’s like a copy cat of my bloody Valentine 3D tbh & the guy had a yellow suit like a raincoat & it was definitely a gas mask


Anything can help to find this movie thank you


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        1. sorry, didnt see this post/reply…they said it was alice, sweet alice from 1976…i forget the rules here about posting links, so i gave the name and year

          1. ya, 99.99% percent of the time i do my own detective work, as its fun 🙂 not into cheating, but this popped up in a search about yellow suit killer movies or whatever, like right in front of my face well, imma shut up b4 this message gets too long, have a great day!

    1. oh i see this message post in my inbox as well, thank you much for this info….. as..yes i am fairly new(you already knew this) so this info helps 🙂 thank you my friend part #2

    1. sorry again admin for all the posts/explanations, i need to learn to combine them/not make so many,etc..feel free to delete some 🙂 (ok, imma shut up now)

      1. It’s okay & unfortunately it’s not sweet Alice it’s too old & far this film has to somewhere between 2000-2015

        1. man, how many killers in a yellow suit movies are there? only the main girl is left and i dont think shes gonna get it. mischief night from 2013 has killings from a duck, but not the scene your describe 🙁

          1. What I recall is the dude was a the typical copycat killer and how you’d picture him is how he was what can be a clue is what he used to pour down the throat it was an orange box with a white stuff that burns

          2. totally understand, im slowly knocking off/watching the movies i think might be it. and every who got killed in the post above was not by that method, but when i get free time i try to find it 🙂 well, dont wanna make this reply too long, take care

          3. I think I wanna give up on finding it if you still want to help it’s okay
            it’s just brutally hard to find it’s got to be a really rare film at this point
            cause all google shows are main stream films

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