Low budget slasher film

Okay so the movie I’m looking for is a low budget slasher film I remember watching it in 2015 and couldn’t find it ever since just one scene I remember so it goes like this women is getting ready to shower so she takes off her clothes and her black underwear and she steps into the shower when out of no where the maniac with a black/yellow coat and a mask of some sort steps in and he’s headed towards her when she sees it she screams in agony and she trys to get away but she gets the hands on her and to claim his victim he gets baking soda/powder of some sort and shoves it down her throat claiming his victim and it’s brutal I did find another film silmar to the shower scene it’s called Sorority Row (2009) in this one there’s a also a shower scene of a crazed maniac anyway I’d appreciate help to find this film

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  1. I looked it up and checked through it unfortunately it isn’t but it’s very similar thanks tho for the suggestion

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